Online Roulette

If we choose a subsequence of an infinite sequence of numbers appearing roulette, so that you can just as the games No. 2, 4, 6 8, 10, ... are considered, this new random sequence has the same features as the original sequence. For the generation of a random sequence so it is irrelevant whether the numbers are listed in sequential order on the same table, or if you chose to not quoted some games and continues the sequence with the numbers of another table.

If we assume now a random sequence and to not always use the addition, taking into account zero, we must always consider the following series of Rouge Noir or games. For an infinite sequence of games is that occur in long-term funds and Rouge Noir with the same relative frequency of 50% according to the law of large numbers.

With each coup (game) approaches the empirical frequency (the ratio of the number of games with rouge by the number of games) although more and more the likely value of ½, this does not mean of course that this relative balance also an absolute balance at any given time are moved to. Here is the insoluble problem for the player.

From stochastic (probability) view these coups are totally irrelevant, as the roulette ball is based on the random machine without memory. Each new coup (game) is completely independent of the previous coups. So for example if the ball is five times fallen Rouge, the probability that the next coup Rouge falls is neither increased nor decreased but still is 50%.

All in the first chapter of this article with historical introduction demolition mentioned mathematical roulette strategies based on these laws and therefore fail in reality. Its just simple logic seduces experienced players and newcomers to deal with it. Of course, it is not a sure win strategy, otherwise all the casinos would have long deprived of their existence.