21 Blackjack Game

Blackjack is one of the most played card game gambling in casinos. The rules of blackjack bonus are predominantly internationally uniform. The game table is half rice-shaped and the croupier sits on the straight side and the players sitting opposite him. Maximum of seven players can participate in the game. In Blackjack, the objective is to achieve the first 21 points and did not come about.

Blackjack is played with 312 cards, this consisted of a 6 packs 52 sheets of French cards. The cards have the following rating. At the beginning of the game the players place their bets, your stake is determined by the specified limits of the casino. After all players have placed their bets, the dealer hands out to each player two cards and the dealer receives one card face up.

The player immediately clockwise from the dealer starts the game, players can now buy tickets to the croupier. If the cards exceed a value of 21 the player has lost the game and the dealer collects the cards and use. The croupier draws his second card only when all players have the desired number of tickets.

If the dealer gets 16 or fewer points on the hand he must take another card, your score is over 17 points should he take any more cards. The dealer has an Ace with 11 points, unless it would thereby exceed the 21, then the Ace is worth only 1 point.

Once the dealer has exceeded 21, the players have won. If the dealer does not exceed the 21, the player closest to 21 wins off.

A blackjack you have on hand, if the first two cards total 21 points, example here is ace and the ten or ace and a jack for example. The player has a blackjack on the hand and the croupier, who has not, receives a dividend usually 3:2. If the dealer also has blackjack, however obvious the game is a draw, and the dealer has a blackjack the only one lost on hand, all the other players.