Bouncy Balls Game

Bingo is one of the most popular gambling games in the world. Whether as a learning aid for children, as entertainment for seniors or as a relaxing gambling on the Internet - People of all ages regularly come into contact with bingo.

Bingo thrilled millions of people around the world. What should initially be a pure lottery game has evolved over time into a real community experience - even on the Internet.

Who is playing bingo, doing mostly for entertainment, because he wants to win something, but also because he like with other people who also play bingo pleasure, come together. This also works in online bingo, because the chat functions of the site operators make the exchange with each other possible. But more on that later.

Bingo works on a simple principle: you buy cards that are marked with numbers, and then marks the ones that are called by the game leader. You have done a certain pattern, you call "Bingo!" And wins. This simplicity is also that exerts such a fascination for many people.

But where does this game that the people he is to become a major economic factors in the gaming industry around the world and enthusiastic. Bingo is considered relatively modern, new game, but it actually has a long history. Its origins can be up to Italy to trace the Year in 1530. At that time they played there a form of lottery "Lo IguaƧu Code Lotto", which still exists today.

From Italy came the forerunner of bingo in the late 1770s to France, where he was mainly played by aristocrats and wealthy. In Germany, a version of Bingo was also known to the 1800. In this country, and was the bingo card system but is mainly used to teach children in a playful way mathematics, spelling, and other subjects in detail.