How To Play Online Roulette

The roulette window contains a number of important functional areas. The first and most important is the roulette table, which in no way differs from real roulette table in a casino. The table positions are the same as well as the inserts are placed on a real table. If you want to learn more about a specific position, move the mouse pointer to the desired position. More information will be displayed in a small pop-up window.

On the left side of the video transmission window is a box that displays the final ten results that were achieved in this roulette table, starting with the most recent result. Including the name of the dealer's showing (in white) and the current game number (in orange letters). Each game will receive a unique serial number game. Their bets can be placed on the current game.

Top left of the video window contains the following three fields (from left to right): "Credit" - the amount of your current game balance, "Last win" - the amount of your past earnings, and "bet" - the amount of your momentary use.

This button is located at both live and in-car roulette games below the chips. If you click on this button displays a small pop-up window, which displays a number of other betting groups, de are each arranged according to their position on the roulette wheel.

When you move the mouse over a determined number or combination of numbers on the roulette table this highlighted to indicate that your chips are placed on the highlighted area, if you decide to bet on this position.

The current minimum and maximum bets for betting on a whole number are displayed in a small box to the left on each table. The betting limits for other positions are shown at the beginning of the game. But you can also query during the game, when you move the mouse pointer to the box above.