The Basics Of Online Blackjack

Getting Going

Blackjack is a fairly easy game to learn. As such, new players generally feel confident to try it out because anyone can play the game and do well at it. The basic concept is a simple one: get as close as possible to a total of 21, without exceeding 21. Going over results in a bust (a loss).

All players are initially dealt two playing cards. The actual values on the cards count toward the total. Face cards each have a value of 10, with the Ace card doubling up as a 1 or 11, whichever is more beneficial to the player's’ hand at the time. The dealer will also receive two cards from the deck. One card will be face-up (visible), and the other face down. Players weigh up the risks involved by considering the total in hand, as well as the value of the dealer’s visible card. A decision must now be made as to whether to ask for a third card, or stand on the value of the initial two cards.

After all of the players at the table (or virtual online table) have finished drawing cards, the dealer will turn over his second card in order to reveal its value. Any player closer to 21 than the dealer, wins.

These basics apply to regular land-based games at conventional casinos, as well as to online Blackjack.

Dealers Hit To 17 – The Great Separator

Most online Blackjack tables employ the “Dealers Hit to 17” rule. This means that the dealer must continue to draw cards until such time as a total of 17 is reached. Even if the total of the initial cards tally up to 16, the dealer is obligated to draw another card. This is where drawing becomes risky business, as the likelihood of going bust is now very high. Players who do well at online Blackjack are those that study the various outcomes as a result of this rule.

The Golden Assumption

Many players swear by the assumption that the dealer will at any given time draw a card to the value of 10. A miniature risk analysis is then performed with their own cards in mind, as to whether it’s a good idea to take a hit and risk busting, or playing it safe and crossing fingers that the dealer will go bust instead.

Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are games that are video-streamed in real time – re-enacting the experience of playing at a brick and mortar casino. These games are available across the web at sites like River Belle online casino and many others. Players are able to interact with real human dealers by means of a control panel and can, as is the case at a physical Blackjack table, follow the movements of other online players, who are also seated at the same virtual table. Dealers in turn, can interact with players, make comments, etc. as if they were dealing a traditional game at a casino in the city. Live dealer games truly bring online Jackpot to life. Players feel as if they are transported out of their sitting rooms or studies and into a live casino – without ever having to leave the house.