Caribbean Stud Poker Tips

Unlike what the name may suggest, Caribbean Stud Poker is not a traditional game of poker, but rather a popular online casino game. Whereas with traditional poker, a player would be pitted against other players, with Caribbean Stud Poker you are playing against the house.

The game originally became popular on various gambling friendly Caribbean Islands, hence the name, and then spread to cruise liners and boats that permitted gambling. From there its popularity spread to traditional land-based casinos, and Caribbean Stud Poker eventually came to rest at online casinos, where it still enjoys immense popularity today.

Caribbean Stud Poker Know-How

The Caribbean Stud Poker table is semi-circle in shape with the dealer on one end, and up to 7 players on the other. The deck is made up of a standard 52 card deck, which is shuffled using RNG (Random Number Generation) software.

Each of the player's place at the table has a spot for the ‘bet’ and the ‘ante’, and the ante is a mandatory bet. If you want to play Caribbean Stud Poker, you have to place the ante bet. Once you place your ante bet, the house deals 5 cards to each player and 5 for the dealer as well. Only once the dealer has revealed their top card, are you permitted to look at your cards.

You will need to have a good working knowledge of the different poker hands in order to play Caribbean Stud Poker, so that you can decide whether you think you can win with your 5 card hand. If you think you have a good chance, you will place a bet in the ‘bet’ section of the table. If you think things aren’t looking good, you’ll fold and lose your ante bet, but nothing else.

Tips for Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

If players think Caribbean Stud Poker sounds like just the right amount of exciting, then you are going to need a few tips to develop a strong strategy for success.

When starting out, always place a bet if you have the following:

1. A pair or better
2. An Ace and 1 card that matches the dealer's up card
3. An Ace, King, Queen OR an Ace, King, Jack AND any of your cards match the dealer's up card
4. An Ace, King Queen and 2 other cards that are higher than the dealer's up card
If you don’t have any of the above, then the best plan of action is to fold. If you’re fortunate enough to hold any of the above, and avoid a progressive side bet, you will effectively bring the house edge down to 5.22%.

Money Management & Free Games

Many players will be familiar with top-ranked online casinos and their lucrative sign up bonuses, which can really boost your bankroll when you’re just starting out. Money management is of key importance when playing Caribbean Stud Poker, as you could see your bankroll dwindle quickly if you aren’t familiar enough with the game itself.

That is why, as a general rule, you should always practise with free games of Caribbean Stud Poker at no deposit casinos to ensure that you get to grips with all aspects of the game before starting with real money games. If you stick to these golden rules and follow our tips, you are sure to find success with Caribbean Stud Poker online.