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Toy retailer Lowe was so excited about the game, that he held himself a short time later. On one of these evenings a winner cried for joy about winning accidentally "bingo" instead of "beano" and the present name was born.

Shortly after the accidental naming of "his" game dedicated to Edwin Lowe Professor of Mathematics, Carl Leveler from Columbia University. It should help him to increase the number of possible combinations in bingo cards. In 1930, Leveler said to have been designed 6,000 different bingo cards.

Eventually, finally came to a Catholic priest from Pennsylvania to Lowe, who wanted to use the game to raise money for the church. Said and done - with the result that bingo became popular and in 1934 an estimated 10,000 bingo games were played weekly in American parishes.

Also in Germany Bingo is very popular, especially on television and in magazines. Both were at Sat.1 as well as NOR or is it still bingo programs. The publishers use bingo with some of their journals to increase the clearance sales.

Again and again the newspapers bingo cards are settled or distributed on newsstands. Anyone who wants to increase the chance of winning, buy more magazines. The winning numbers will be drawn up by a notary and as long as printed in the newspaper until a winner reports.

In addition to the organized churches of bingo, bingo on television and in magazines, it has long since made the Internet the game. 1996 is the free game "Bingo Zone" have laid the foundation for online bingo. Bingo is predestined for the game on the net so it is not surprising that many online bingo casino operators included in their offer or even separate online bingo sites have developed, exclusively dedicated to this game.